Supporting the development of e-mobility in the Czech Republic

We have established a technological platform to support the development of e-mobility, charging infrastructure and related areas of science, research and education in the Czech Republic.

The membership base is made up of key representatives of sectors that have been dealing with the topic of electromobility for a long time, mainly from the automotive, energy, scientific, research and other sectors.

We coordinately discuss and propose solutions in the field of electromobility, such as the availability of electric cars, easy and affordable recharging, the creation of conditions for the production, operation and use of electric cars and progress in the field of education, innovation, science and research.

We want to actively seize the opportunities that electromobility offers to our society.

The Czech E-mobility Platform is the ministries' leading partner in the e-mobility field in preparing the new National Clean Mobility Action Plan. We are involved in key legislative, communication and educational activities related to the successful development of e-mobility in the Czech Republic.